[vtk-developers] How to get "raw" data from vtkPolyData ?

houssen houssen at ipgp.fr
Sun Aug 2 10:26:37 EDT 2015

I forgot to mention : I tried this 
but it doesn't help, from the vtkPolyData this creates a 
vtkUnstructuredGrid made of 8 points and 6 quadrangles which is not what 
I need. I need the vtkUnstructuredGrid containing the initial "raw" data 
(= 8 point + 1 hexahedron).

I feel like the data that have been used to create the vtkPolyData are 
"lost" (no way to get them back). Correct ?


Le 2015-08-01 14:08, houssen a écrit :
> How to get "raw" data from vtkPolyData ?
> My understanding is that vtkPolyData stands for "pure visualization"
> data (triangulation). For instance, if my raw data is a hexahedron
> (vtkUnstructuredGrid), then the associated vtkPolyData will "only" be
> a set of 8 points and 6 faces which are mandatory to render the
> hexahedron.
> From the vtkPolyData, how to get the hexahedron (as a 
> vtkUnstrucutredGrid) ?
> Franck
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