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Cameron Lowell Palmer cameron.palmer at ntnu.no
Fri Oct 24 02:35:12 EDT 2014

I understand the pain that is documentation, but even the links to the mailing list are broken. For example http://www.vtk.org/Wiki/VES the link at the bottom doesn’t take you where it says it will.

Impressive improvements in the article you shared. Those speed-ups are truly awesome.

Now let’s talk about me. Our university has built up a non-trivial amount of code around VES-Kiwi. What I’m trying to do is get to a place where I can debug and ultimately extend the codebase. Basically the work is increasingly Android-only, but I would prefer a first-class C++ debugging environment something the current Android tools don’t really have yet. That was why I was trying to get plain ol’ VES to compile in iOS. Should I take this to mean that the VES codebase has been deprecated in favor of future development within VTK?



On 23. okt. 2014, at 22.19, Aashish Chaudhary <aashish.chaudhary at kitware.com<mailto:aashish.chaudhary at kitware.com>> wrote:

Hi Cameron,

The reason we didn't update those documentation because we are working towards getting VES and some Kiwi functionality in proper VTK in one way or another. Probably others will provide more information on this matter, but here is a to follow up on the recent development in that direction:


We will also have an upcoming article on Volume Rendering that should  work on mobile devices as well (not tested).

As far as the build goes, there are newer ways to build an Android project but I personally have not tested that with CMake. There is a project inside VTK master with OpenGL2 backend that you can try now.

Please don't consider this as an official reply on this matter but I hope that this provides some useful information.

- Aashish

On Thu, Oct 23, 2014 at 4:02 PM, Cameron Lowell Palmer <cameron.palmer at ntnu.no<mailto:cameron.palmer at ntnu.no>> wrote:
Hi, I’m interested in building VTK-VES-Kiwi stack on just about any platform although I prefer Mac, or Windows. It seems that the instructions provided absolutely don’t work or are not consistently documented.

So is Linux-Eclipse-Android really the only viable option? What is the state of development on the project?
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