[vtk-developers] post hackathon process suggestions?

David E DeMarle dave.demarle at kitware.com
Mon Oct 6 11:54:24 EDT 2014

* I'll look into where the bug tracker emails are getting dropped.

* About the software process doc.

- I like the trivial editing and collaborative commenting on google docs. I
also like the access control model. Approved authors can do whatever they
want to it, everyone else on the web can suggest edits and those are
trivial for approved authors to accept.
- I agree that we need a way to simply reference it and its content. How
about we simply put a note note in it saying where the master/editable
version is, export the doc to pdf every release or so, and make
references/links to the exported read only copy?

* I like the frequent IRC hangouts idea, as long as we can sustain interest
in it.

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On Fri, Oct 3, 2014 at 10:17 AM, Sean McBride <sean at rogue-research.com>

> On Fri, 3 Oct 2014 09:32:16 -0400, Marcus D. Hanwell said:
> >Yes, great job, and yet another really useful hackathon.
> Agreed.  We should do them more often!
> >I think whatever bug/issue tracker we use ensuring the developer list
> >is emailed when new tickets are created is crucial.
> +1.
> I mentioned this the other day, the docs says it happens and Dave DeMarle
> agreed pointing this out:
> http://markmail.org/search/vtk-developers+list:org%2Evtk%2Evtk-developers+mantis+from:%22Mantis+Bug+Tracker%22+order:date-backward
> But it seems to show nothing since 2013.  A google search of "14266 site:
> vtk.org" shows nothing on the vtk-dev list either.  I would have fixed
> #14266 ages ago if I knew it existed.
> (Next time I hope to be back in person, it was not as fun over the net,
> and I felt like more of a voyeur without my mic working. :))
> Cheers,
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