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Fri Oct 24 13:02:35 EDT 2014

data is going to be returned in the array.  So ideally all the Set methods
in VTK should use const arrays and furthermore the vtkSetVectorNMacro
should use const arrays.

I'm guessing that this non-const to const conversion hasn't happened
because 1) it would be a lot of work and 2) it would cause
incompatibilities for people who have their own classes that override
the Set() method with non-const array parameters.

Furthermore, I'm guessing that the Set-method array parameters in VTK
are not going to be converted to const any time in the forseeable
future (for the above to reasons).

So, instead I'm going to modify the wrappers so that all methods
with array parameters are wrapped even if the arrays are not const.
This behaviour doesn't make sense in all cases (it makes no sense
for e.g. GetPosition(float pos[3]) because both python and tcl
will ignore the values returned in the array) but it seems like
the easiest compromise.

Any opinions?

 - David

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