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The page lists a number of potential areas. You do not need to address more
than one topic. Looking at the specific topic you are interested in
pursuing, the contact is Marcus Hanwell. The best way to proceed is
probably to write up a few ideas in this area broadly related to the topic
area proposed and send it on to him with a brief introduction. I expect
that he will want to iterate a little back and forth with you to come up
with a final proposal that you are both happy in pursuing. All of your
experience could help depending on the specifics.

Just as a "heads up", I was just been on travel with Marcus and returned a
little before him. He is not due back until Monday and will have limited
internet connectivity until he does. It may take him a few days to respond.

- Wes

On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 3:24 PM, Soumitra Saxena <
soumitrasaxena1993 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello !
> My name is Soumitra Saxena. I'm in my pre-final year , studying
> Electronics and Electrical Engineering at the Birla Institute of Technology
> and Science , Pilani , India.
> I've been a student of Computer Graphics (particularly the implementation
> part - OpenGL/C++) for 2 semesters now. Biomedical/Biochemical
> visualization is one application of computer graphics that I was
> particularly drawn towards.
> I've even tried my hand on some visualization myself (DNA , the first
> thing that comes to mind) in OpenGL/C++ . Here's the link to the summary ,
> if i may -
> https://medium.com/code-is-biology/dea574c3be54
> I would like to participate in GSoC 2014, and contribute to the
> Biochemistry Visualization project.
> VTK is what I believe , a solid visualization tool with immense
> possibilities. GPU accelerated volume rendering , to be precise , can be
> taken advantage of in detailed visualization of the electronic structure ,
> and even improve upon any previous visualizations related to the same.
> Now I have a few questions related to the same -
> 1. How do I present my idea ? The idea page has broad classifications , do
> you require something specific in each classification ? Or do we develop an
> idea encompassing all the points mentioned under a heading ?
> 2. Also , to what extent will any knowledge in Biology/BioChemistry help ?
> Do we need a solid background , or the Bio 101 course we did in our first
> semester suffice ?
> 3. Is the project , particularly Biochemistry Visualization , more
> focussed on implementation of visualizations using VTK , or improving
> certain algorithms in VTK itself for better visualizations ?
> Thanks a lot for reading !
> Soumitra Saxena,
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