[vtk-developers] Problem with tetrahedron face orientation in vtk-5.8.0-15 (debian jessie repositories)

victor sv victorsv at gmail.com
Tue Mar 11 06:40:40 EDT 2014

Hi all,

currently i've remarked a strange behavior representing boundaries in
meshes with python-vtk (5.8.0-15) on Debian Jessie.

I'm using classic VTK files (non XML files) to store mesh connectivities
and element references (with constant fields). This files are the result of
a conversion from other FE mesh formats, where we ensure the positive
jacobian in every tetrahedral element in order to have a good element and
face orientation.

I never have problems with the visualization of face references, correctly
oriented, except with this version. Doing the same tests in other VTK
versions and SO's, it seems that VTK represents the faces full filled of
color when you look from both directions.

Is there some known issue about that?

I attach the mesh and a picture showing the result with this version where
you can see 2 triangles (faces), one well oriented and the other with a
wrong orientation.

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