[vtk-developers] heads up - dash1win7 coming online

burlen burlen.loring at gmail.com
Fri Sep 27 12:14:07 EDT 2013

Hi Dave,

I think that there is a gap in the VTK dash coverage for Windows builds 
with MS MPI.  Maybe other Win+MPI builds are missing as well, however 
since both MPICH and Open MPI have dropped support for Windows, I think 
MS MPI is currently the important one. Perhaps this system could cover 
this? Maybe some other system?


On 09/27/2013 07:17 AM, David E DeMarle wrote:
> I'm going to promote dash1win7-nightly-static and 
> dash1win7-nightly-shared to the expected section of the dashboard.
> It is a more recent machine that the other windows submitters. More 
> importantly it increases coverage at these test space points:
> * an msvc 2012 submitter (mug.neocisinc is the only other),
> * one of the few static library testers (zom and dash3 are the others)
> * the only static=ON + python=ON combination.
> That last point is probably why it shows 30 compilation warnings. I'll 
> try to get to those soon to keep the background noise down.
> I _tried_ briefly to turn JAVA on as well, since we have no win + 
> java=ON coverage, but doing so made cmake choke (wouldn't produce a 
> valid VS solution). I'll get back to that eventually.
> cheers,
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