[vtk-developers] TestMathTextFreeTypeTextRenderer depends on matplotlib?

David Lonie david.lonie at kitware.com
Thu Apr 25 13:44:23 EDT 2013

Hi Kathleen,

On Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 1:01 PM, Kathleen S. Biagas <biagas2 at llnl.gov> wrote:
> I wanted to run the freetype cxx tests (Rendering/FreeType/Testing/Cxx),
> but during configure, I get this message:
> Matplotlib not found! MathText rendering will not be available until it
> is installed. Disabling tests.

Is matplotlib installed? This message is printed when

${PYTHON_EXECUTABLE} -c "import matplotlib"

fails (as in exits with non-zero return code). If you run this on the
command-line using the same python interpreter as VTK, what is the
exit code?

> After the build, I ran
> ctest -R TestMathText
> TestMathTextFreeTypeTextRendererNoMath was the only test that ran.
> If I comment out the Matplotlib references in the CMakeLists.txt file,
> and rebuild, then both TestMathTextFreeTypeTextRenderer and
> TestMathTextFreeTypeTextRendererNoMath run and pass.
> Is there something I'm missing in the requirement of Matplotlib for this
> test?  Or can this be removed?

If matplotlib isn't installed, the test should definitely fail --
several elements of that test's output depend on matplotlib's presence
to get correctly renderered.


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