[vtk-developers] OpenGL Extension loading with OSMesa?

Kevin H. Hobbs hobbsk at ohio.edu
Wed Apr 17 18:05:37 EDT 2013

On 04/17/2013 05:13 PM, Burlen Loring wrote:
> it will be interesting to see the dashboards now that some of the 
> extension dependent code will run. I wouldn't be surprised to see some 
> failures. The surface LIC doesn't run correctly, for one thing there's a 
> bug in Mesa 9.1.1 where GL_ARB_texture_float isn't built when requested. 
> After patching so that it's built I'm finding other issues with the 
> shaders and render to texture, the result textures are empty/clear.

Indeed very interesting.

I also regularly build VTK against mesa from git. The OSMesa
driver was just switched to the Gallium llvmpipe driver which is
built for speed.

As a plus with Gallium I can set a shell variable to change the
OSMesa driver at runtime to the softpipe driver which is built
for correctness.

I've already been able to tell the Mesa developers that a VTK
test passes with Gallium on NV95 (err whatever my graphics card
is) and Gallium softpipe, but fails with gallium llvmpipe whether
or not OSMesa is used.

I will be _very_ interested in tomorrow's dashboard.

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