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You might like to consider creating separate unstructured grids for your elements depending on their visual display characteristics. For example, a mass element could be shown as a sphere with diameter proportional to the mass. Actors for each sub grid can then be added to a prop collection or assembly. You can also make each grid share the same points and point data even though they will be "oversize" for the sub grids. However, this does lead to greater programming complexity.

If any of your point data is discontinuous, for example, stress components between dissimilar materials, you should ponder this problem at an early stage.

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  Our finite-element application has 'interface elements' which are used to model discontinuities between 'conventional' elements. We would like to be able to visualize these as transparent elements with one or more lines connecting the sides of the interface element. For this we need to filter such elements and process them in a proper way. What would the preferred way of discriminating between interface and conventional elements be? Should we add a boolean attribute to each cell specifying whether it is an interface element?


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