[vtk-developers] VTK_USE_QT and VTK_USE_GUISUPPORT problem

Jeff Baumes jeff.baumes at kitware.com
Tue Mar 23 14:42:16 EDT 2010

> Since I'm using 5.5 version ( CVS HEAD ) I'm posting this here.
> When I configure I turn VTK_USE_QT on. Compilation occurs, but the
> libQVTK and others aren't compiled/installed UNTIL I turn on
> VTK_USE_GUISUPPORT advanced option.
> If I set VTK_USE_QT aren't not implicit that's I want to build the
> GUI_SUPPORT? In 5.4 the Qt options will be available only after turn
> on VTK_USE_GUISUPPORT. Since VTK_USE_QT are not marked as advanced, I
> think a good solution are turn on VTK_USE_GUISUPPORT automatically
> when VTK_USE_QT are turned on.

What has changed is that there are now a few classes outside
GUISupport that depend on Qt, so you could in theory turn those on
without compiling VTK_USE_GUISUPPORT. However, I don't think there is
a use case for this (others can correct me if I'm wrong), so I would
be fine with always turning VTK_USE_GUISUPPORT on if VTK_USE_QT is on,
as you suggest.

I just committed this fix:

Patch title (first comment line): ENH: Always turn gui support on when qt on.
  cvs commit -F .msg 'CMakeLists.txt'
Committer: Jeffrey Baumes <jeff.baumes at kitware.com>
/cvsroot/VTK/VTK/CMakeLists.txt,v  <--  CMakeLists.txt
new revision: 1.555; previous revision: 1.554
Committed successfully to CVS


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