[vtk-developers] git stupid question #4

Biddiscombe, John A. biddisco at cscs.ch
Fri Apr 30 11:31:55 EDT 2010

Thanks brad, I've read literally huindres of web pages/wikis, so I'm familiar with the ascii art pictures.

I may have missed something though

$ git add -- (files)
$ git commit

I think I may have missed the "--" in git add after editing conflicts. Would this have made a big difference. I probably did
$ git add (files)
$ git commit


When you say are my changes visible, well, I did the equivalent of
"git pull kitware master"
yesterday, then edited conflicts commited the changes
Since then I haven't edited any files because I am playing with git instead of working. (OK, a couple of hdf5 related cmake things in utilities and I added an hdf5 submodule <cough> )
But I didn't change any core paraview stuff, when I do 
"git pull kitware master"
I get the same conflicts etc etc. The conflict merge is just a couple of logs ago in the history.

I tried to do a git rebase for learning purposes and I get stuff like this
Falling back to patching base and 3-way merge...
CONFLICT (rename/rename): Rename "Qt/Components/pqPVThresholdPanel.cxx"->"Qt/Testing/pqTabBarEventPlayer.cxx" in branch "HEAD" rename "Qt/Components/pqPVThresholdPanel.cxx"->"Qt/Components/pqIsoVolumePanel.cxx" in "Merge kitware master branch into CSCS"
CONFLICT (rename/rename): Rename "Qt/Components/pqPVThresholdPanel.h"->"Qt/Widgets/pqWaitCursor.h" in branch "HEAD" rename "Qt/Components/pqPVThresholdPanel.h"->"Qt/Core/pqViewModuleInterface.cxx" in "Merge kitware master branch into CSCS"
Renaming Servers/Filters/Testing/Cxx/TestPVIsoVolume.cxx->Servers/Filters/Testing/Cxx/TestPVAMRDualClip.cxx
Auto-merging Servers/Filters/Testing/Cxx/TestPVAMRDualClip.cxx
Renaming Servers/Filters/vtkPVIsoVolume.cxx->Servers/Filters/vtkPVAMRDualClip.cxx

The conflict files are not ones I have touched. So I really don't know what to do when this happens.

I'd welcome some guidance. 

Apologies for all the noise.


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