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Moreland, Kenneth kmorel at sandia.gov
Sun Apr 25 23:26:56 EDT 2010

Veering slightly off the main topic, could we get some guidance on the minutia that we are expected to follow when coding and committing changes to VTK, ParaView, etc.?  Many of the details are undocumented and I (and probably everyone else) have been relying on the CVS pre-commit checks (and now git commit/push hooks) to guide me.

Where the git hooks deviate from the CVS checks (and they deviate in almost every possible way) I assumed that the commit rules were being updated.  For example, I have already stopped using those BUG/ENH/PERF prefixes to many of my commit descriptions figuring that we were moving to a more standard git-style description.

This email thread suggests that my assumption is wrong and that there has been no intentional change in these commit rules excepting where they cause undo stress upon the developer (but no one knows where that line is).  May I humbly request that Kitware, gatekeeper of the holy repositories, provide edict to us sheep-like developers.  I understand that this is unlikely to be the highest priority as we are still coming to terms with the new repositories and struggling to make an effective workflow.  Nonetheless, I expect a lot of variability in style until then.


On 4/23/10 1:05 PM, "Brad King" <brad.king at kitware.com> wrote:

Brad King wrote:
> It looks like I accidentally left the message length enforcement on.
> However, other developers in this thread have expressed a liking for it.
> We should probably remove it on the server so developers don't have to
> rebase and edit long (possibly shared) histories just for that.

For now I've disabled the message format check on VTK, ParaView, Xdmf,
and IceT.  If developers reach a consensus to re-enable it I'll do so.
There are plenty of commits in the past that fail the check, so a few
more in the meantime won't hurt.


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