[vtk-developers] TCL Wrapping driving me insane -- SYNTAX ERROR -- can you be more specific?

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Tue Mar 25 12:59:05 EDT 2008

kent williams wrote:
> So how do you debug problems where the VTK wrapping generator gives
> you the dread SYNTAX ERROR found message?
> I know the more common issues -- VTK wrapping is confused by
> templates, typedefs etc etc.  But the following header says 'SYNTAX
> ERROR ... before line 9 ***' and I can't for the life of me figure out
> what the problem is.
> There are no syntax errors as far as the C++ compiler is oncerned, I
> can compile the C++ file for this this class so the header is fine by
> GCC.
> I realize that writing proper error handling for a Yacc parser is a
> pain in the butt, but I sure wish the VTK wrapping parser could be a
> teensy bit more specific.
> Here's the header file that won't work:
> #if !defined(BTPropertyDialog_h)
> #define BTPropertyDialog_h
> #include <vtkKWDialog.h>
> class vtkProperty;
> class vtkKWSurfacePropertyWidget;
> class vtkObject;
> class BTPropertyDialog : public vtkKWDialog

All wrapped class names must begin in "vtk".


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