[vtk-developers] support for general cell types in VTK? Superclass for complex datareader?

Peter J. Bismuti pjb9508 at vashon.ca.boeing.com
Thu Jul 20 16:50:29 EDT 2006


We have an in-house CFD code that generates a data which include (among 
others) general cell types (cells can have an arbitrary number of faces and 
that each face can have an arbitrary number of vertices).  These cells are 
not convex, as a general rule.  

I am interested in writing a datareader for the output of this CFD code, but 
am not sure if general cell types can be handled within VTK (without 
suvdivision).   Does VTK support cells of this type?  If not, is it likely to 
in the near future?  

Also, our datasets have a combination of an oct-tree which contains the 
information from the outer flow, but then also has an array of panels that 
define the surface geometry.  (The intersection of the two is what creates  
these odd-shaped cells).   What superclass would be the most appropriate for 
such a datareader?  vtkCompositeDataSet?  

Thanks in advance


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