[vtk-developers] err building BCB5 shared

dean.inglis at camris.ca dean.inglis at camris.ca
Thu Jan 5 13:03:05 EST 2006


I noticed on one of my builds wherein I 
did a cvs update to the source tree and
then at command line did
cmake path_to_source -G"Borland Makefiles"

WITHOUT doing a clean build or clearing
the build's bin directory, that with 
CMake 2.2.3, the Borland compiler/linker makes
warning statements that functionX is already
in libraryY etc., which I guess confirms 
a bug.


> >Dean
> I think I know what the problem is.   I recently found a bug
> in cmake 2.2.3 where it did not remove libraries before building
> them.   The result is that on borland, it adds the object files
> to the library over and over.
> Please try cvs cmake, and it should fix the problem.
> The fix will be in 2.2.4.
> -Bill

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