[vtk-developers] Submitting VTK Reader Classes

John Biddiscombe biddisco at cscs.ch
Thu Apr 13 12:08:27 EDT 2006


> One of the readers is for Fluent.  Fluent is a CFD code that is used 
> quite a bit at NETL.  Go to www.fluent.com <http://www.fluent.com/> to 
> learn more about Fluent.   I have tested the reader on Fluent 6.2 
> without any problems.  I was told the number of Fluent users is roughly 
> three thousand.

If you'd like beta tester's for your fluent reader, please let me sign 
up. I converted my colleague Mario Valle's AVS fluent reader to 
vtk/paraview but have a few problems with it and would gladly use one 
that is already finished.

Does it handle reading in parallel?


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