[vtk-developers] Submitting VTK Reader Classes

Brian Dotson Brian.Dotson at netl.doe.gov
Thu Apr 13 11:36:53 EDT 2006

Hi all, I have written a couple of VTK reader classes for the CFD
researchers here at NETL.  I build them into ParaView so we can view
results without translating the data. One of the readers is for Fluent. 
Fluent is a CFD code that is used quite a bit at NETL.  Go to
www.fluent.com to learn more about Fluent.   I have tested the reader on
Fluent 6.2 without any problems.  I was told the number of Fluent users
is roughly three thousand. The other reader is for MFIX.  This is a CFD
code that was written here at NETL.  Go to www.mfix.org to learn more
about MFIX.  MFIX has about 70 users. If you think one or both of these
classes would be a useful addition to VTK let me know and I will clean
them up however is necessary. Thanks, Brian DotsonNational Energy
Technology Center
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