[vtk-developers] Question on testing gl2ps

Will Schroeder will.schroeder at kitware.com
Tue Jul 19 06:16:48 EDT 2005


I am almost always in favor of adding another test. Rather than "passing 
silently" shouldn't you modify CMakeLists.txt to run the test only if PIL 
is installed?

The other thing is to please document the heck out of the test (including 
describing the expected environment) so others can repeat what you have 
done. Also, I am wondering if some sort of EPS driver should be added to 
VTK, although I suspect it would be an enormous beast and probably is not 
worth the effort and code.


At 06:15 AM 7/17/2005, Prabhu Ramachandran wrote:
>Somewhere down the line the vtkGL2PSExporter's text exporting was
>broken.  I've fixed it in CVS.  However, there are no tests for this
>class.  The problem is simple, gl2ps produces EPS and you can't read
>EPS files via VTK, therefore you can't compare images and make a
>useful test.  However, the PIL package (Python Imaging Library)
>supports reading EPS files.  I can easily check in a test with
>corresponding images that uses PIL to convert the EPS to a VTK-aware
>My question is as follows: is this acceptable?  I.e. the test will run
>only if PIL is installed (and silently pass otherwise with a warning
>   A potentially runnable test case is always worth it.  Even if it is
>   hard to run it.
>  Test won't run without PIL installed.  Would it be possible to
>  request all those who build with Python and submit in test reports to
>  install PIL?  This is usually pretty straightforward to do.  Linux
>  and win32 should have easily available binaries (rpms, debs etc. and
>  win32 installers)
>Please let me know if this is OK to do.
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