[vtk-developers] Proposed enhancement to vtkExtractGeometry

Prabhu Ramachandran prabhu_r at users.sf.net
Sun Jul 17 12:34:50 EDT 2005


I was thinking of adding either a new filter or enhancing
vtkExtractGeometry in order to extract all the cells that are entirely
inside/outside or *intersect* an implicit function.  For example, you
could use a cut plane and extract all the cells that intersect this
plane.  It looks like this is not doable currently.

I could add an option to vtkExtractGeometry (ExtractIntersectingCells)
to do this or create a new class.  Creating a new class is simpler but
perhaps the logical course of action would be to add this to
vtkExtractGeometry.  I'd appreciate if someone could tell me which
would be preferred.



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