[vtk-developers] RE: Problem when creating vtkImageData by hand

Dean Inglis dean.inglis at camris.ca
Mon Jul 11 14:17:21 EDT 2005

Hi Prabhu,

I tried this in c++ based on Widgets/Testing/Cxx/ImagePlaneWidget.cxx
but created the copy like this 

  vtkImageData* my_img_data = vtkImageData::New();
  my_img_data->CopyStructure( img_data );
  my_img_data->CopyAndCastFrom( img_data, img_data->GetWholeExtent() );

  vtkImgeData* img_data =  my_img_data;

and removed the outline filter from the pipeline
and everything runs fine.  As soon as
I add the outline filter, I get the same
weird results.  I haven't figured out if
this is a pipeline problem, IPW problem or outline
filter pb.... :{  


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