[vtk-developers] vtkContainers

Sean McInerney seanm at nmr.mgh.harvard.edu
Thu Jul 14 15:38:51 EDT 2005

Hi All,

After putting some effort into cleaning, testing, and benchmarking, I am
releasing a 'vtkContainers' library. It has been useful to me and I now
hope, with a little effort, it could be useful to VTK users at large. If
it is judged to be useful and well implemented, I would be greatly
honored to contribute it to Kitware as a VTK module. vtkContainers
provides list, deque, and vector sequence types; set, map, and hash map
associative types; and stack, queue, and priority queue adaptor types.
Each class implements the expected methods for that type as well as some
other container algorithms.

I would very much appreciate your opinions of the project. It is
currently hosted at http://vtkcontainers.sourceforge.net/. From that
site, there are downloads, Doxygen docs, basic performance data,
ViewCVS, as well as instructions for pulling the source from CVS. I have
just made the debut release (0.3) available for evaluation.

Sean McInerney


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