[vtk-developers] Re: Broken continuous build for ParaView dash5.kitware/Linux-g++-cont

Clinton Stimpson clinton at elemtech.com
Wed Jan 26 15:38:33 EST 2005

This has absolutely nothing to do with the bug fix I checked into VTK.
A build error in an unrelated file occurred and my name is the only one 
down for making a change to the code.
Any ideas?

paraview-dashboard at public.kitware.com wrote:

>A continuous build has been broken for ParaView and you have been identified
>as one of the authors who have checked in changes that are part of this build.
>Errors for this build are here: http://www.paraview.org/Testing/Sites/dash5.kitware/Linux-g++-cont/20050126-2011-Continuous/BuildError.html
>The changes for this build are here: http://www.paraview.org/Testing/Sites/dash5.kitware/Linux-g++-cont/20050126-2011-Continuous/Update.html
>The dashboard for the day is here:  http://www.paraview.org/Testing/Dashboard/20050126-0100-Nightly/Dashboard.html
>If you have any questions about this email, please contact the ParaView Continuous build monitors: paraview-dashboard at public.kitware.com

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