[vtk-developers] QVTKWidget update

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Tue Jan 25 08:49:10 EST 2005

Clinton Stimpson wrote:
> I'll put QVTKWidget library and designer plugin library source in
> VTK/Utilities/QVTKWidget

If the licensing issue is resolved and we put this in I don't think 
Utilities is the right place.  As you said every other utility is built 
before the rest of VTK.  We should consider adding a new kit called 
something like vtkGUISupport that has all these widgets.  Those that are 
in vtkRendering right now could be moved.  Then this directory could 
have all the GUI-library-specific code and corresponding FIND_LIBRARY 
calls.  It would also be built after all the other kits.


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