[vtk-developers] QVTKWidget update

Prabhu Ramachandran prabhu_r at users.sf.net
Fri Jan 21 02:54:31 EST 2005

>>>>> "WB" == Brian Wylie <Wylie> writes:

    WB> Prabhu, Hmmm.... If you want I can talk to Trolltech about
    WB> this without getting too specific. :)

Thanks, that might help.  Personally, I don't use Qt so have no issues
either way.  My only concern is that if we remove the widgets, users
will suddenly find that their code no longer works.  Someone reported
a problem with the Interactor widget a while back on vtkusers
(Dec. 2004) and I've not had a chance to look at that.  

The questions to me are, can the widgets go into the distribution?  If
so, can I and others make modifications (to fix bugs)?  Can we make
these widgets alone distributed under the GPL but still distributed as
part of VTK (I guess not)?  If the widgets have to be removed from
VTK, where do they go?


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