[vtk-developers] VTK Wrapping Tcl

Sebastien BARRE sebastien.barre at kitware.com
Wed Jan 12 00:30:50 EST 2005


Can you guys please double check the whole Wrap TCL stuff that has been 
updated ?
(i.e. Ken's email "Changes to Tcl Wrapping ", and Andy's "Limit output of 
VTK wrappers").

I have a bad feeling about it. Both at work and at home, I've modified some 
.h, and see the following happening:

Building Custom command 
Building dependencies cmake.check_depends...
'cmake.depends' is up-to-date
Building object file vtkKWParameterValueFunctionEditorTcl.obj...
Building object file vtkKWColorTransferFunctionEditor.obj...

I start the application, it crashes:

Debug Error !
Run-Time Check Failure #0 - The value of ESP was not properly saved accross 
a function call...

and of course if I try to debug, the call stack is totally whacked, as if 
it was calling some random methods on the class I've changed. The run time 
error happens in subclasses of the class I've just changed, so I suspect 
the sub-class has not been rewrapped correctly and is trying to access the 
superclass DLL in the wrong way. Forcing the subclasses to rewrap solves 
the pb, so I guess this is definitely it. You can check by yourself that 
only the superclass gets re-wrapped, whereas subclasses used to be 
rewrapped too, if I'm not mistaken.

I suspect since most of our dashboards start from scratch, it might not 
have been detected yet.

CMake 2.0.5, nmake mode.
Thank you

Sebastien Barre

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