[vtk-developers] Re: GUISupport directory ?

Mathieu Malaterre mathieu.malaterre at kitware.com
Wed Feb 16 12:49:56 EST 2005


	Does the MDI, SDI and Dialog sounds familiar to you in Qt terms ? Or is 
this only a MFC thing ?

	Ingo, are you sure with MDI, SDI and Dialog you went thought all 
possibilities. Won't there be redundancy in between those projects. I 
would assume you could reuse the same generic VTK-MFC windows at least 
as a super class. I would like to make a difference in between example 
and actuall vtk classes.

	For me MDI, SDI and Dialog would be examples of use of the generic 
VTK-MFC classes.

	If this sound irrational, could you provide an extract of the code that 
makes an SDI VTK-MFC window deeply different from let say a MDI VTK-MFC 
window., thanks.

What do you think ?

de Boer Ingo wrote:
>>Thanks for the discussion.  So I guess we replace the generic MFC/VTK 
>>class in there with specialized ones for targeting tyes of MFC 
>>applications (SDI, MDI, Dialog).  Should we leave the generic 
>>one there in case?
> I am not sure about it. But in my opinion this is not needed, really.
> Normaly when you do MFC programming you have an application wizard, which
> makes you a MDI, SDI or Dialog. After that you fill it with information.
> Imagine you do that, use the generic VTK-MFC class, what do you have ?
> A blank window. You still have to add some actors and stuff to see an
> object. So you have your own CView class based on a generic VTK-MFC class
> with some actors code in you CView class. Looking at the generic
> VTK-MFC class with a small amount of code, at a certain time or amount
> of code the programmer will delete the generic VTK-MFC and copy the
> code into his own class.
> My opinion on this: keep it simple. I think, a MFC programmer likes
> to look at a small demo with small classes in a well-known doc-view
> architecure without wondering why there is an additional class inbetween.
> Anyways, I'll try to make a small generic windows class (using the existing
> one from Clinton) for MDI, SDI and Dialog.
> So, maybe we can compare that to the ones I've written already and than
> we decide what might be easier to understand, which should be the major
> goal. Or, if it works... We include all the samples into the CVS ;)
> greets
>   Ingo
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