[vtk-developers] Re: GUISupport directory ?

de Boer Ingo I.deBoer at polytec.de
Wed Feb 16 08:28:35 EST 2005

> Thanks for the discussion.  So I guess we replace the generic MFC/VTK 
> class in there with specialized ones for targeting tyes of MFC 
> applications (SDI, MDI, Dialog).  Should we leave the generic 
> one there in case?
I am not sure about it. But in my opinion this is not needed, really.

Normaly when you do MFC programming you have an application wizard, which
makes you a MDI, SDI or Dialog. After that you fill it with information.
Imagine you do that, use the generic VTK-MFC class, what do you have ?
A blank window. You still have to add some actors and stuff to see an
object. So you have your own CView class based on a generic VTK-MFC class
with some actors code in you CView class. Looking at the generic
VTK-MFC class with a small amount of code, at a certain time or amount
of code the programmer will delete the generic VTK-MFC and copy the
code into his own class.

My opinion on this: keep it simple. I think, a MFC programmer likes
to look at a small demo with small classes in a well-known doc-view
architecure without wondering why there is an additional class inbetween.

Anyways, I'll try to make a small generic windows class (using the existing
one from Clinton) for MDI, SDI and Dialog.
So, maybe we can compare that to the ones I've written already and than
we decide what might be easier to understand, which should be the major
goal. Or, if it works... We include all the samples into the CVS ;)


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