[vtk-developers] GUISupport directory ?

Clinton Stimpson clinton at elemtech.com
Mon Feb 7 18:46:48 EST 2005

Ken Martin wrote:

>Hey Clint, I think the new directory is fine, a little small for a top level
>directory but it works. The other GUI support classes need to be moved into
>that directory as well. That is part of the deal. So if you could sniff out
>the other GUI support classes and move them into the same directory that
>would be appreciated.

So I took a stab at putting MFC support in GUISupport.  I'm trying to 
make a generic CWnd based class that puts a vtk window in it, and it's 
proving to be a real pain after two full days at it.
I'm not an expert at MFC, but I've helped with a couple MFC apps before, 
one of which used a VTK window that I had setup.

I see extra support in the vtkWin32* classes for MFC.  The impression I 
get is that it is just easier to add a few lines of code to make a 
CView, CWnd, CWhatever have a VTK window and use the extra support in 
vtkWin32*, than it is to make a generic CWnd based class that can be 
plugged into any part of an MFC app and work without intervention.  MFC 
seems to be quite imposing on how things are supposed to work.  I tried 
to make a class derived from CWnd and "plug it in", but it doesn't 
always work.

Perhaps some MFC guru would like to contribute something in GUISupport 
for MFC apps.  Something that'll work in pretty much any MFC GUI.  It'll 
be higher quality than anything I can make with my little MFC experience.

What other C++ GUI classes need to be moved?  There's the vtkTk*Widget 
files in Rendering.  That it?


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