[vtk-developers] GUISupport directory ?

Ken Martin ken.martin at kitware.com
Thu Feb 3 10:36:20 EST 2005

Hi Folks,

Hey Clint, I think the new directory is fine, a little small for a top level
directory but it works. The other GUI support classes need to be moved into
that directory as well. That is part of the deal. So if you could sniff out
the other GUI support classes and move them into the same directory that
would be appreciated.

You are probably wondering, "Hey I sent out email, no-one disagreed" etc,
why the flak. I think what you did was great Clint. You communicated the
issue etc. It is just that a lot of folks care about adding top level
directories that don't care enough about Qt to read Qt related emails. One
thing for all of us developers to make this easier is to consider the title
of the email. In this case had the title said something about creating a new
top level directory in VTK, I assure you many more people would have read
that email. But hey, at least you did email your proposed changes, that's
better than most folks :-) 


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> > Anyhow. Just my 2 cents.  My feeling was just that if
> > GUISupport/ is only for a couple of classes with restricted
> > licensing, then it probably belongs to
> > Utilities/GUISupport/QVTKWidget or more likely
> > Example/GUI/QVTKWidget.
> > This is a big tree already. I would guess a newbie looking at
> > the top dir would expect GUISupport/ to hold more GUI stuff.
> And so we go around in circles.  Clint was originally going to put
> QVTKWidget in Utilities, but decided to make a new directory based on
> the prompting of Brad King.
> -Ken
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