[vtk-developers] [Update + bug-fix] RE: thanks field deleted

Sebastien BARRE sebastien.barre at kitware.com
Thu Jan 31 17:57:24 EST 2002


I've modified the 'contributions' script.

A) The Bugs:

All right, I scr... up, two bugs were in the first version of the script:
    - 'cvs log' does not report the number of lines of the revision 1.1 
(initial checkin). So I had to figure it out. Believe it or not, it was not 
done correctly.
   - 'cvs log' reports *all revisions*. Including the branches, see what I 
mean ? :) Thus, some entries were duplicated. 'cvs log -b' was the way to 
go, but for sure I missed it :)

Sorry about that.

B) The changes:

- the script was only taking classes into account (i.e. vtk*.(cxx|h|mm files).
- these only represent about 1500 files, although there are almost 2400 
files in the VTK distrib (200 of them being third-party libs like jpeg, 
png, etc.).

=> I cranked up that number to 2100 by extending the search to all files, 
tests, scripts, etc. (i.e. almost everything excluding the 3rd party libs, 
vtkVersion, pkgIndex.tcl files, lex/parsers files, etc.).

Compared to the previous 1500 files, this means +40% more juice, but only 
+4% more revisions (42899 to 44369), since most of the work is done on 
classes. If you consider the number of revisions really used (after removal 
of the 'massive commits') this 4% drops to 3.3%.

Of course, the class headers are still updated (see each class online help) 
with respective author's contribution.

+ misc. details.

C) The results:

The top ten has not changed *that* much.
   - watch your back Will, Ken is not too far now.
   - Bill Lorensen +2 (6th to 4th)

The "scripters" (Tcl, Perl, Python, Java) are boosted :)
   - Prabhu +2 (0.01% to 0.04%, * 4 !)
   - Seb at kitware +7, yeah I love that script (pitiful 0.3 % to miserable 1.76%)

Hope this is OK now. Should be.

Online and updated every night.

Sebastien Barre

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