[vtk-developers] thanks field deleted

David Gobbi dgobbi at irus.rri.ca
Mon Jan 28 13:08:58 EST 2002

Waitaminnit, shouldn't people get more credit for removing lines of
code than they do for adding lines of code ;)

In any case, the "Contributors" list should not be extracted from
the CVS logs because
1) a lot of massive changes have been done by perl scripts, and
   obviously these changes shouldn't count (or should be counted
2) many contributors don't have CVS access, they have other people
   contribute for them (for example Bill added vtkImageReslice,
   though I was the creator of that class)

It would be sufficient for me if just the creator of each class was
listed, and perhaps one other person who has made a significant
contribution (i.e. if things were put back the way they were).
The CVS logs are available if anyone needs details about who did what.

 - David

On Mon, 28 Jan 2002, Lisa S. Avila wrote:

> Ken,
> >//.SECTION Created by (original author)
> >//.SECTION Contributors (in order of totalLinesAdded +
> >0.5*totalLinesSubtracted) for all contributors beyond X lines where X
> >is maybe 5? 10?
> >
> >Opinions
> I think it is a good idea. Maybe X should be a percentage of the number of
> lines of code in a file, rather than an absolute number. For example, 10%.
> This would limit the number of possible contributors to 10 for each class
> too, which may be a nice thing!
> I suppose that the calculation should be for (file.cxx + file.h) with the
> results stored in file.h.
> Lisa
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