[vtk-developers] vtkProcrustesAlignmentFilter

Tim Hutton T.Hutton at eastman.ucl.ac.uk
Tue Jan 15 13:28:46 EST 2002

At 03:41 08/01/2002 +0000, you wrote:
> > Also, note that a 'Collection' is not a vtkDataObject so having a
> > method with the signature
>Should you go ahead with any of the previously mentioned, here's a
>datasetcollection derived from dataobject.
>(Might want a name change to something like DataSetDataObjectCollection ...)

How about vtkDataSetCollectionDataObject?

It struck me: wouldn't it look odd to have both this and 
vtkDataSetCollection in VTK?

Is there some way of instead deriving vtkDataSetCollection from 
vtkDataObject? (while maintaining backward-compatibility)


(not sure my OO skills are up to this...)

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