[vtk-developers] Data structures in VTK

Sebastien Barre sebastien.barre at kitware.com
Wed Jan 2 11:46:53 EST 2002


At 02/01/02 08:25, Andy Cedilnik wrote:

>The reason why we do not have to wrap these containers is because
>languages that wrap VTK define them by themself. For example Tcl has 
>associative array,  java has hash table, etc.

Yes, but on the other hand it makes easier to switch from that interpreted 
language to C++ (for example). I'm quite sure that many people use Tcl to 
prototype their applications (or some part of it) and then switch to C++ 
because it was too slow or they were required to ship something in C++. For 
these reasons (and various others) I remember that I used to work with 
vtk*Collection in many parts of my Tcl developments.

>  The only bad point is that VTK class cannot return a container.

They do. Or did I miss your point ? Collections are scattered in many 
places and returned by many methods (collections of actors, cameras, 
renderers, etc.). And it works in Tcl too of course.

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