[vtk-developers] vtknew tree and testing / examples

Sebastien BARRE sebastien at barre.nom.fr
Wed Jun 27 12:19:52 EDT 2001

Hi Ken, Lisa,

At 27/06/2001 10:22, Lisa S. Avila wrote:
>Hi Ken,
>I am definitely in favor of separating the "good" examples from the "just 
>for testing" examples.

I definitely support this. We all know that examples are very important for 
beginners (and even expert users), but there is some many of them that even 
the page I wrote at
is hard to use (indeed, splitting between "good" and "just for testing" 
examples could make it easier to browse, I would only parse the "good" 
examples, or generate two pages).

Now I'd also appreciate if we could rename some examples with a more 
consistent and explicit syntax.

And even remove these "non-testing" examples that just do not work anymore 
(I guess it's pretty frustrating for a beginner to cross the path of such 

>  It may be good to collect them in one directory

I'd prefer to see each package as independent as possible, i.e. code + 
examples + testing in the same package directory. This definitely makes 
sense in the new tree, where packages are easier to "understand" and locate 
(Graphics, Hybrid, Imaging, Patented, Parallel, etc.). I would not be 
surprised if one day someone just wanted to work only on a specific 
package, and then would completely ignore the others non-dependent CVS 
parts but expect the new tree to build correctly.

Hence, I would propose :



OK, I know I'm a "directory maniac", but this is definitely what I'd like 
to see :) Let's make the new tree as clean as possible :)

Once again, this would also allow anyone focusing on a particular package 
to update only the
relevant part of VTK (code + test + examples), without having to perform 
surgical updates on different part of the tree (code on one side, test on 
the other, etc).

Moreover, this would allow me to write some new Perl scripts to write a new 
"Links to examples" page, sorted by package :)

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