[vtk-developers] vtkParse.y seems to work okay. No

Sebastien BARRE sebastien at barre.nom.fr
Mon Jun 18 16:34:50 EDT 2001


At 18/06/2001 22:07, Sebastien BARRE wrote:

>As a side effect, if you use CVS to get a fresh copy of the .exe you just 
>removed, you will be happily surprised to see that *all* the wrapping 
>process will happen again, even if everything was up to date before : 
>there is a problem in the dependency world :)

Stupid Seb is back :) Yes, as someone at CRD pointed me :), this is not a 
problem : "If there's a bug in the wrapper that's causing bad wrap code to 
be generated, then an update to the wrapper (that fixes the bug, for 
example) should trigger the re-generation of wrap code so that good code 
will be generated. "

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