[vtk-developers] vtkParse.y seems to work okay.

Bill Hoffman bill.hoffman at kitware.com
Thu Jun 14 09:35:15 EDT 2001

There is a readme in the wrap directory.  If you don't have access to
these types of machines, we do, and GE does, so one of us could fix it.



Notes on usage of LEX and YACC to generate VTK parse files
1. vtkParse.l is edited as necessary
2. LEX is run (on an SGI Irix 6.4 on 1/14/00 by W. Schroeder): lex vtkParse.l
3. LEX spits out lex.yy.c
4. Manually edit lex.yy.c:
The line:
FILE *yyin = {stdin}, *yyout = {stdout};
should be changed to:
FILE *yyin, *yyout;

1. vtkParse.y is edited as necessary
2. yacc is run: "yacc -b vtkParse vtkParse.y" and spits out vtkParse.tab.c
   (Note: yacc was run RedHat Linux 5.2 1/14/00 by W. Schroeder)
3. Build vtkHTML.exe, vtkWrapTcl.exe, vtkParseJava.exe,vtkWrapJava.exe, 
   vtkWrapPython.exe on the PC and check them in.
4. Check in vtkParse.l, lex.yy.c, vtkParse.y, vtkParse.tab.c

At 11:29 AM 6/14/2001 +0530, Prabhu Ramachandran wrote:
>>>>>> "LW" == "Lorensen, William E (CRD)" <lorensen at crd.ge.com> writes:
>    LW> They don't work everywhere... The HP is busted.  Your new
>    LW> vtkParse.tab.c is not correct for HPUX 10.0 Rather than
>    LW> defining alloca, you must #include <alloca.h>
>Thanks for waking me up! I just saw the error on the dashboard.
>    LW> This seems to be a known problem since at least 1997.
>    LW> http://www.fm.cornell.edu/usr/doc/bison-1.27/ChangeLog
>    LW> Are you using an old Bison?
>Indeed, I am using bison 1.22.  Any newer versions seem to have
>trouble with producing vtkParse.tab.c at all.  Here is a snippet from
>my original mail of long ago (28 Apr 2001):
>   Under GNU Bison version 1.28, while running yacc through the
>   vtkParse.y I got the foll error.
>   $ yacc -b vtkParse vtkParse.y
>   vtkParse.y:854: type clash (`' `str') on default action
>   vtkParse.y:854: type clash (`' `integer') on default action
>   $
>The vtkParse.y mentioned above refers to the original vtkParse.y
>before *any* of my modifications.  Which meant that vtkParse.y was
>broken already.  Bison v 1.22 produced a warning instead of an error
>and happily produced the vtkParse.tab.c.
>I dont know how I should fix these type clash errors (which is why I
>reported them in the first place asking for help from the yacc gurus).
>If these errors can be fixed I think vtkParse.tab.c can be produced
>using bison 1.28.  If they cannot be then I will have to manually edit
>vtkParse.tab.c and include alloca.h at the appropriate place.  I'd
>obviously prefer using a fixed vtkParse.y.
>Would appreciate any help.  Dont you think having a vtkParse.y that
>works with the latest bison is a good thing??  Please note that
>vtkParse.y was buggy w.r.t bison versions > 1.22 _before_ I made any
>of my chages.  So this bug has been there for quite a long while.
>Many thanks in advance.
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