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Lorensen, William E (CRD) lorensen at crd.ge.com
Mon Jul 16 15:10:08 EDT 2001

Please leave the old tree called vtk. It will be very disruptive here if the name is changed...

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Hello Folk,

We are getting closer to having the new vtk tree become the main tree.
This brings up a couple issues. Please let me know if you have an

Should we copy the CVS files? Currently the old vtk tree and the new
tree share the same CVS files. So a change made on one tree will also
show up on the other tree. This has been useful during development of
the new tree because otherwise I would have had to keep both trees up
to date. But... keeping two working trees around in the future will
not work because most people would only test on one tree and soon the
old tree would break. So the choices are

A) copy the cvs files at some date so that the two trees are
independent (future changes made on the old tree will not show up on
the new tree)

B) keep the files linked and accept that eventually people will have
to give up using the old tree (except for checkouts of old releases)

What should the names of the trees be? Currently we are using vtk for
the old tree and vtknew for the new tree. Ideally I'd like to switch
these to vtkold for the old tree and vtk for the new tree. I had
thought of keeping vtk for the old tree and using VTK for the new tree
but I'm concerned future developers might accidentaly check out the
old tree because it is called vtk. vtkold is hard to accidentally
check out.

A) keep them as they currently are and tell people to check out vtknew

B) rename vtknew to vtk and vtk to vtkold

C) other...


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