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Tim Hutton T.Hutton at
Wed May 31 09:30:12 EDT 2000

Jim, hi.

I noticed that last year you'd been working on a fix for seg faulting
problems in vtkOpenGLTexture.cxx and elsewhere. I think I'm running into
the same problems, am wondering how your fix might be applied.

I'm rendering into a WinNT window using vtkMFCRenderView etc. from the
Sample directory on the 3.1 CD. When I close the window in question I get
an access violation. Removing the lines in vtkOpenGLTexture.cxx and
vtkOpenGLPolyDataMapper.cxx that call vtkRenderWindow::MakeCurrent() solves
the problem but I don't want to do this for obvious reasons. Is a call to
ReleaseGraphicsResources() the solution I'm looking for? 

If so, then vtkMFCRenderView will need updating, am puzzled as to why the
Sample directory is not in the repository - changes to the core source can
cause it to become obsolete, like ugview and ugview2. Surely the code in
the Sample directory needs maintaining too?


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