Moving VTK CVS

Blue, Russell S (CRD) blue at
Tue May 23 08:40:05 EDT 2000

fyi... didn't like the "www." in the perl script.  That is, cvs works with
blue at, but not blue at  May be a ge only issue?


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I have a perl script that works on windows and unix assuming
that perl is installed on both.  The script is attached.

To run the script you do this:

perl /path/to/vtk


At 10:07 AM 5/22/00 -0400, Ken Martin wrote:
>We are moving the VTK CVS repository from to today.
So please do not check in any changes until I send out another email. To help with your existing
checkouts Bill Lorensen will send out a UNIX script to move your CVS repository to the new location.
At one point we had a PC version as well but I'm not sure where it is.
>- Thanks
>- Ken

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