changed vtkIsTypeMacro

John Biddiscombe j.biddiscombe at
Wed Apr 12 05:39:08 EDT 2000

I've committed changes to vtkIsTypeMacro, (vtkSetGet.h and vtkObject.*)


is now just a virtual entry point around the static 


I've added a regression test to common\examplesCxx its called

it creates several objects and tests IsTypeOf and IsA("..."), if all tests
return true (correct) then it renders a sphere, if any return false it
renders a cube. Valid image is attached. I did not alter makefile in
common\examplesCxx to include new regression test as it uses graphics
functions (not sure if common should just use common stuff).

Apologies, I'm still unsure how to commit a valid image to CVS. valid test
is attached.

Second apologies to David who'll have ro rebuild the whole vtk!

John B

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