[Paraview] Animation and Filter Help with CSV/VTP XYZ Data

Maxwell Dausch mdausc2 at uic.edu
Thu Jun 29 18:21:34 EDT 2017

 I am very new to using paraview and have had a couple questions that I am having trouble finding the resources needed to help my situation. I've been searching the mailing list and other forums for the past week or so and have not had much progress.

I am trying to figure out how to
1) Animate a series of points that were obtained by tracking a person's movement, and animate it in a way that would play back the moment path, I would like to animate it by the order the points are in with a set time interval in-between each point if possible. In this situation there are multiple different trackers which is why I also need a bit of guidance on part 2, so the data just doesn’t get all mixed up together.

2) Color points by a source id for the movement tracker assigned to the point, i.e. id’s 1-5 would be blue, 6-10 would be red and so on, I've only been able to color the whole table of points one color and not sure how to proceed.

Currently I am working with a csv (that I also have been able to convert to an .vtp file if that is able to help the situation at all) that contains a source Id for the tracker as well as the points xyz.

Ive been trying to mess around with the programmable filters ( I don’t have too much experience with python though ), but I am unsure on how to access the other attributes of the data(the source id) and thus when I try link the points with a line, it jumps from one path to another and in return it mixes the movement paths.

I’d appreciate any guidance with this, as I am at wits ends trying to figure everything out. Especially when Ive only been able to find solid objects being animated and not too much point data being worked with when searching for any possible solutions to the problem. If it might be of any help I could upload one of the csv files that we have generated.

Thanks again

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