[Paraview] Pipe back data from ParaView to simulation program through Catalyst

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Thu Jun 29 11:47:15 EDT 2017

Dear members,

I have successfully been able to use ParaView Catalyst to do in-situ visualization. The data that is generated from my simulation program is forwarded to ParaView with the use of these so-called 'adaptors'. The API is very straightforward and it was done easily. However I was wondering if feeding back data from ParaView into my simulation program through Catalyst is also possible. In other words can ParaView serve as a (semi) graphical user interface?

For instance, at some point in the simulation in ParaView I want to change the size of one of my simulation objects, which in my simulation program is represented as a private data member of the object's class. So I want to pause the simulation, select the object and change the value of the object's size. Is there a way to pipe this data back into the simulation (in-situ) and continue the simulation?

If the above description is too specific, I would just like to ask if the user can be interactive with simulation program through ParaView in any way. I can think of a way of exporting the changed ParaView state to file, parse that in my simulation program and update the simulation state, but I was wondering if there is a neater / faster way of doing this.


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