[Paraview] Paraview freezes without any error message

kenichiro yoshimi rccm.kyoshimi at gmail.com
Tue Jun 6 20:55:53 EDT 2017

Hi Tanja,

This freezing problem with 5.2.0 comes from the last line having no
newline in example.vtk. Could you try to add a new line to the last
line or try the recently released 5.4.0.


2017-06-07 4:01 GMT+09:00 Tanja Gerasimenko <staubchen03 at gmail.com>:
> Hello!
> I'm using Paraview 5.3.0 64-bit installed on Gentoo Linux machine. Starting
> from version 5.2.0 it doesn't display any vtk file. It works fine with an
> example file like test.vtk (downloaded from vtk file format examples) but
> doesn't show any of my own files (example.vtk). All worked fine in previous
> versions. Now Paraview freezes when I push the button "Apply" after opening
> the file. It consumes 100% of CPU (only one core) and doesn't write anything
> to console (when starting from command line).
> Could you please explain me how can I display some debug information to
> understand where is the problem?
> Sorry for my bad English
> Tanja
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