[Paraview] Fwd: [Catalyst] Extracting and saving data from a spreadsheet

Renato Elias rnelias at gmail.com
Sat Jun 3 12:25:16 EDT 2017

Thanks Utkarsh!

I did a small test and now it's working fine :) I only noticed that it's
called per processor. Is there a way to make only rank 0 store the CVS
table? In other words... do we have access to the rank id in the
coprocessor Python script?



Em 2 de jun de 2017 14:19, "Utkarsh Ayachit" <utkarsh.ayachit at kitware.com>

Attached is a script that demonstrates how to do this. I suspect you're
putting your code in `CreatePipeline`. As the name  suggests, it's only
called when creating pipeline the first time, and not on every iteration.
I've modified a ParaView test script. Modifications are in `### START
MODIFICATION ###` and `### END MODIFICATION ###` blocks. You can run this
as follows:

> bin/pvbatch -sym -dr  <ParaViewSource>/CoProcessing/PythonCatalyst/Testing/Cxx/waveletdriver.py
/tmp/cptest.py 10

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