[Paraview-developers] ParaView & Mangled Mesa (also Ice-T)

Berk Geveci berk.geveci at kitware.com
Wed Oct 5 15:08:01 EDT 2005

Ouch. Any suggestions? Do we go down the path of adding mangled mesa support to 
IceT? Otherwise, we have to give up on mangled mesa alltogether (which would 
make my life sooo much easier :-) ). We would still have an offscreen rendering 
solution. Except, the same executable wouldn't be able to switch between the two.

Moreland, Kenneth wrote:
> It sounds like the problem may be even worse than that.  The IceT
> libraries themselves make direct OpenGL calls.  So even if all VTK
> classes used mangled mesa correctly, IceT would still be using the
> unmangled OpenGL.
> -Ken
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>>I was tracking down bug #1784. After fixing a problem with 
>>the command line arguments, I still couldn't get it to work. 
>>Digging into the code further, I found that the problem is 
>>the fact that paraview creates a vtkIceTRenderer on the 
>>server. vtkIceTRenderer is a sub-class of vtkOpenGLRenderer 
>>and does not support mangled mesa. The only way I can think 
>>of fixing this problem is to create a vtkMesaIceTRenderer (a 
>>al vtkMesaRenderer) and delegate the instantiation of IceT 
>>renderer to a factory. Any comments? Volunteers?
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