[Nirfast] Problems generating meshes

Demian Augusto Vera dvera at alumnos.exa.unicen.edu.ar
Mon Aug 24 09:02:40 EDT 2020

Hi everyone. I'm trying to use the "Create Mesh" tool from NIRFASTSlicer
2.0.0, with segmentation (made from Breast_Series_mha -previously cropped-
) and fiducials as inputs. But when I try to generate the mesh (optimizing
it or not) it just doesn't work, it does nothing! Not a message, not a
warning, not an error... Nothing. (I tried following the mouse head
tutorial, and the results were the same). Any recommendations? Thanks!

Lic. Demián A. Vera.
Grupo de Óptica Biomédica. IFAS -CIFICEN.
UNCPBA, Tandil, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

de virus. www.avast.com
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