[Nirfast] Regarding the access to the hemodynamic properties and the optical properties of each node

ruisen.huang ruisen.huang at pusan.ac.kr
Mon Aug 10 04:37:20 EDT 2020

Hi All,


I'm new to NIRFAST, but have tried the tool for a while. I tried to study
the optical properties of a person's head. I were confused by the following
questions regarding the tool:



When I defined the detectors/sources' positions manually using
image2mesh_gui, the generated positions do not place at the projected points
on the head model. Is there any solution to correct this issue?



I followed the codes in head_mesh_script_layered.m to change the hemodynamic
properties of the brain (region 4 of the head.mha model).  However, I do not
understand what position the set_mesh( mesh, 4, values) corresponds to. Is
it between the source-detector pairs? Or does it set the hemodynamic values
homogeneously throughout region 4? Is it possible to access the exact
hemodynamic properties for each node?



For a spectral head model, how can I access the reconstructed optical
properties (e.g., reduced scattering coefficients) for each nodes? (It seems
that the reconstruction process in the example is not designated for each


Thanks in advance!



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