[Insight-users] CSI spectro parameters

Stefano Peca stefano.peca at roma1.infn.it
Fri Feb 23 10:40:19 EST 2007

Hi everyone, please help if you can!
I have a multi-voxel magnetic resonance spectroscopy file (CSI - chemical
shift imaging) and a T1 volume, many slices.  I need to know where exactly
is the CSI grid (8x8 1ml voxels) in respect to the T1 volume.
I'm using a Siemens Allegra Magnetom 3T.
The CSI dicom file has this information in the header:
sSpecPara.sVoI.sPosition.dSag            = -14.6151885
sSpecPara.sVoI.sPosition.dCor            = 67.89309338
sSpecPara.sVoI.sPosition.dTra            = -25.70038393
sSpecPara.sVoI.sNormal.dSag              = -0.4226182617
sSpecPara.sVoI.sNormal.dCor              = 0.906307787 
(sSpecPara.sVoI.sNormal.dTra              = 0.00307856 )
but I don't know how to interpret it. They must somehow describe how the CSI
grid is oriented...  if, for instance, the first 3 of these 5 header lines
describes a position (maybe of the center of the grid), the question is: in
respect to what? to the high definition T1 image on which the CSI slice was
positioned, or to the center of the magnet?
Well, if someone knows what these 5 numbers are  (occasionaly there are 6) ,
I'll be very grateful,
Thanks very much,
Stefano Peca

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