[Insight-users] ScalarImageTextureCalculator

marquis2 at etu.unige.ch marquis2 at etu.unige.ch
Tue Mar 29 04:43:31 EST 2005

> It's extremely unlikely that a file format change *alone* would cause 
> the ImageTextureCalculator to fail, since by the time the images are 
> read into ITK, the format ceases to matter and they are just bits in a 
> buffer.
yes but with jpeg, the pixels range from 0 to 255, with dicom from -1000 
(sometimes -3000) to 1000 or more.

> So: (1) Are the DICOM images and the JPEG images that you give to the 
> ImageFileReaders *identical* ?
they are not identical, the jpeg come from the brodatz collection, the
dicom are lung CT.

If I change the pixel type from short to unsigned char, the values seem
to be ok for the jpeg. But then I cannot deal with the dicom (all pixels
are trunkated to the 8 lesser bits.)

Question: what should I put in SetPixelMaximumMinimum() ? I mean, if
I want my soft to deal both type of images?


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